Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rowers Rock!

"Rowing looks graceful, elegant and sometimes effortless when it's done well. Don't be fooled. Rowers haven't been called the world's most physically-fit athletes for nothing. A 2,000-meter rowing race demands virtually everything a human being can physically bring to an athletic competition – aerobic ability, technical talent, exceptional mental discipline, ability to utilize oxygen efficiently and in huge amounts, balance, pain tolerance, and the ability to continue to work when the body is demanding that you stop." - watching tips.

Photo taken today at the Meet & Greet in Princeton by my dear high school friend, Anne Eaton Woolley, whose beautiful daughter is also named Margot and also rowed, but at UM. Mar trains at Potomac, and I think everyone else trains in Princeton. 

Pictured--OSU, Margot Shumway - Women's Single Sculls; UM, Sarah Trowbridge - Women's Quad; UM, Stesha Carle - Women's Quad; UM, Ellen Tomek - Women's Double Sculls. 

Congratulations to them and to 
everyone on the US Team!

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Potomac Boat Club's Potomac Star said...

Hi, Julia!

We just did a post about Margot on the Potomac Boat Club news site at, and used a pic from your blog. Hope you don't mind!

In fact, if you have photos we could load into our gallery, we'd appreciate anything you might want to share! Please let us know at

And thanks for your "mom's perspective" blog. We love it. The entire club is so proud of Margot!

Thanks, again.

Penelope Walz
The Potomac Star