Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pre-Poland Travel Message from Margot

Hello Parents,

First, I love you. Thank you for everything. I miss you. 
Second, some sites to check out if you don't know already (Dad): They will have the live race tracker (just blips on a course) as well as start times and entries. I can forward that info officially to you if you have trouble locating it on the site. It can be pretty annoying to find. They will have photos daily probably as well as results and updates as the races go along. They are good about this stuff. 
Also, on the site if you go to multimedia, there is a link for non-european viewers to watch races live as they are happening, but you may have to subscribe and pay. Not sure on that one. Just click on the rowing icon on the site and you can search for World Champs Poznan and should be able to find it. Also remember there is a six hour time difference, so if my race is at 12:45pm Poznan, that would be 6:45 am your time. Get it. 
Ok, I will email as soon as I can and text if my phone works. I love you both so much and hope to represent my club and my country well these next two weeks. 
Talk to you soon..

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