Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello from Poland

This message from Margot arrived this morning. Her flight Friday started in DC, connected in Newark, and ended in Berlin. They took a bus to Poznan and I think arrived about 8 AM their time which is six hours ahead of us here in the East coast. I don't think she'll mind my sharing her message and the source is always much better than second-hand. The photo shows the Malta Regatta course in Poznan.

Hello. I am finally settled in here at the hotel in Poznan. I slept quite a bit on the bus ride from Berlin so don't have much to report on things that we passed, but the city here looks small and interesting. I am looking forward to going on walkabout tomorrow to check things out and find some cool knickknacks and maybe some local coffee.
I feel pretty relaxed and really excited for this opportunity. We did not go to the course this afternoon but the coaches went to check things out, unload, and rig our boats. I will be rowing an empacher for the first couple of days but then Matt said my Filippi should be here on Monday and we will get that set for pieces later in the week. 
The hotel is really nice. I am going down to dinner in about twenty minutes and I'm starving. We went for a run this afternoon and then I did core (one finger pound Ri) and stretched out. I'm pretty stiff from the plane ride, which was pretty good although the plane was small, and the bus ride. I'm excited to see the course tomorrow and get my first row in of the week. I feel normal once I get in the boat. The course is about ten miles from our hotel, so hopefully should be a short bus ride. We are taking the 7:30 bus tomorrow so that will be a nice sleep in for me.
Mom, not sure about my phone working over here and I don't want to charge an arm and a leg texting. The wireless is free in the lobby so I will be working from down there and able to skpye. I'll figure out a good time to talk tomorrow and try to set that up. 
Other than that, everything is good. I miss you both and love you very much. Thank you for helping get me here. 
I hope all is well with you both. Mom I hope you had a good half day of work if you took some time off and Ri have a great time at Master's and hanging out with the gang in Philadelphia. 
Talk to you again soon. 

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