Saturday, August 8, 2009

Row2K Headliner!

Don't know if the link will continue to work (click the title of this post to see... ) but it's a bit mindblowing to see Margot on the home page of row2K. I've spent a lot of time out there looking at the calendar of events, slogging through the galleries (which are great, but the navigation is at the bottom of the page and it's a serious pain to page through to find someone), and reading highlights of regattas.

So, wow, after how many years of wandering around the site to find Margot, I click out there to find a video while I'm on the phone with her today, and, yikes!

Here's the video she told me about. It shows a number of competitors so keep watching and you'll see Margot pull ahead of Brett -- starts 40 seconds into the video. 

Gosh, it is SO hard to watch in one sense. Amazing and thrilling to watch Margot, and yet my heart goes out to Brett. When you win competing against someone who inspires you, someone you are proud to race with and against, it is a very powerful thing. 

I don't know how long they'll keep the video. If I figure out how to copy it I will.

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