Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mar's Latest Message and Race Schedule

Hi - I'll start with the Race Schedule. There is a six hour time difference so I've tried to translate for the East Coast US. Some of the races may be televised later on.

The Women's single sculls (W1X) rows on Sun, Tues, Thu, and Sat. Here are the race times. I'm not sure which races Margot is in (when there are multiples) yet.

Sun Group A heats  12: 36, 42, 48  East Coast 5:36, 42, 48 AM
Tues Group A reps  11:54, 12:00 East Coast 5:54, 6:00 AM
Thu Semis A/B  14:53, 15:01 East Coast 8:53, 9:01 AM
Sat Group A Finals  10:24 East Coast 4:24 AM
Sat Group B Finals  15:24  East Coast 9:24 AM

I think that's accurate. Here's where I got the information. I'm feeling pretty accomplished creating an html table!

Here's today's message from Margot... I found a picture of Poznan online and included it.

Hahahaha. That is really funny. (Reference to my sending a couple of my HS buddies a message saying we should row in the DEAD of the Charles, instead of the HEAD of the Charles!)

Things are pretty good here.
The water was rough today but I got a good 1000m piece in in some different conditions so I'm feeling pretty prepared for Sunday. I am excited to race, but def need to sit down alone somewhere and write out my full race plan. It isn't that different from Trials, but I think I need to do it just to really get focused on the task at hand. We've had so much time here that its easy to forget we actually have to race soon. 
I've been talking to lots of new people and everyone is really nice. Matt has been great helping with the boat, oars, food, and letting me be a crazy person every once in a while too. 
It is very very dry here though so my lips and skin are a little chapped. Need to walk around tomorrow and try to find some chapstick. I feel like I can't drink enough water. 

Took a nap this afternoon for the first time in weeks and actually slept, though I did have a weird nightmare. 
Thank you for your facebook message. It really meant a lot to me and I thought about that idea of feeling the love around me. Sometimes I let my thoughts get in the way of that love, and its really true that its all around me. That is a comfort. 

If I don't have practice tomorrow around noon I will try to call on Skype. If I don't get ahold of you I will try to figure out with Matt my exact schedule for Saturday that way I can set a specific time to talk. It was a lot easier when we were 12 hours apart instead of six. 
How are you doing? I'm glad you've reconnected with old friends. That must be fun for you. 
Tell Dad that I say hi and I love him and his emails make me laugh.
I'm going to go to bed now, but I'll write more tomorrow morning when I get up. 
I love you so much Mom. Thanks for everything.

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