Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby No Pantsie and %@&*^ Bill Gates

Trying to remember the exact source of that phrase (baby no pantsie). I think it had to do with our children as cute toddlers teasing us by running away from us during diaper changing. Here is Margot's message from today, which explains the connection (at least to someone who is a non-linear thinker). 

Also, Windows Vista, just another example of why everyone should be using a Mac. Did Gates turn his design team over to a pack of unruly satyrs? If you still need convincing, try out the ever unusable and irritating Office 2007.

From Mar...

I wrote this message in Word before I could connect to the internet. We don't get it for free in the rooms and it turns out I can't use the wireless at all because of Windows Vista. Yay for me. Anyway, here is what I wrote. I'll write more again tomorrow. Love you so much. Glad you had a good weekend and relaxed some. 


So, I haven’t told you yet because I didn’t want to worry you, but mine and Matt’s bags never showed up at the Berlin airport when we landed on Saturday. I’ve been pretty frustrated and stressed out the past few days, but thank god they finally were delivered to our hotel this evening. I’ve never appreciated my stuff more than I do right now. It hasn’t been too bad because other people have been loaning me clothes and things, but I basically only had my tennis shoes and the clothes I had on. Thank goodness I packed most of my electronics in my carry on, but all of my rowing gear, nutrition, and my adapter/skype stuff/ and computer charger were all in my checked bag. That is why I haven’t been able to set up a time to talk to you. I just didn’t want to worry you, but now that its here, I am so relieved. I was prepared for the worst so I am so glad its not lost somewhere. And all of Matt’s tools were in his bag and he didn’t have any spare clothes, so he is very happy as well.

Anyway, other than that, things are really good. Its definitely a different experience being in the single. At first I had a sense that I didn’t belong, like I was an outsider of sorts. I’m just used to having a group or partner or being told what to do. I have a lot of freedom here. Its basically just Matt and I and we do our own thing. We take the same buses to the course and eat dinner with the group and I hang out with people, but for the first time in my international competing career, I am essentially in charge of what I do and when I do it. I think I am really starting to embrace the fact that its just me that gets to do this, that I am independent, that I am the single for the USA.

I dunno how to explain it. I know that I need to do a lot of self talk this week and to really start looking at myself not just as the fastest woman in the US right now, but one of the fastest in the world. I think I feel a little bit small fries because I’m racing against people who only race the single and who win medals in the single in the Olympics. I guess that’s not true though. The stroke of the British quad is in the single this year and I am looking forward to racing her. I don’t want to put limits on myself. I want to get the most out of the this experience as I can, but I think it's going to take more mental training this week than physical. I can’t let myself be intimidated by racing the single. This is what I’ve wanted all year. I’m not here to get my ass kicked. I’m here to try to win. It's wide open at this point, which is exciting.

I love you very much. Maybe we can try to talk tomorrow afternoon or before you go to work in the morning or something. There really isn’t a good time for either you or Reilly because you are at work all day when I can actually call. Let me know what times you think might work for you and I’ll try to figure things out on my end.

Thanks for your messages mom. All I wanted to do was call you last night because I was so frustrated about my luggage and just felt alone. But, its ok now, but I would still like to talk with you soon.

Have a great day tomorrow and I love you.


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Tom S said...

Hang in there Margot! With clothing, nobody can stop you!