Saturday, July 10, 2010

Semi-Final Results for W2X Today

In the first semi-final, Steshe and Kate came in second to earn a spot in the final tomorrow. In the second semi-final, Mar and Megan came in third to earn a spot in the final. So, overall a great performance and I think they are all aware of what they need to do tomorrow. Hopefully they can all get some rest before two finals tomorrow.

Tomorrow's W2X is scheduled for 4:48 AM Cleveland time (10:48 Lucerne) and the W4X final is scheduled for 7:31 AM Cleveland time (13:31 Lucerne time). The link to the results viewer is here but I also think that you can watch the races for the finals live somehow as well.:

Here are some excerpts from a couple of Margot's emails from Lucerne:

Yo Momma,
We are back at the hotel after a hard 16k row in the doubles. It was the first hard stuff we've done since friday morning back in Princeton. It seems like we've been here a lot longer than we have been but maybe that's because its a familiar place to me. I'm not as awed by the mountains and surroundings as I was back in '08. I'm more comforted and calmed by it. Its really good to be here and I'm excited and feel honored to be able to race.

My back is holding up. I've been seeing Marc and he has been really positive and helpful. We have still been doing quite a bit of volume and i'm not expecting much of a taper this time around. I've got ice on my back right now and it helps keep it calm. The lady at the front desk brings me a champagne pail full of ice and some trash bags and i haven't tipped her either time, so i need to get some of those crazy little swiss franc coins to give her some money for her troubles.

Anyway, I am getting along really well with everyone and laughing a lot. I feel like I have let go of some of the stress since being here, which is good. I feel like I can just focus on my body and the rowing. Things are going well with Megan and we are still working towards matching each other better. I think that we will have some really solid races this weekend. There are 16 doubles entered and 9 quads. I think its going to be fierce but if we ride the edge and take some risks and go for it, I think we can do really well in both events.

Lucerne is beautiful as always. The water has been great other than some gustos of windos yesterday. The boats are beautiful, although some buttface walking next to our trailer dinged our boat on the bow and put a two inch gash in the hull. Fortunately it is above the water line so it doesn't make a ton of difference, its just sad. Such a beautiful piece of art, a brand new boat, and to have it mistreated like that is just a shame. Really makes you appreciate the artistry of a new boat.

I'm having fun being in bow pair of the quad with Stesha. She says many subtle things that keep me laughing and relaxed. I really do think that the quad is my boat. I feel very comfortable there. The double is and always has been a struggle for me. I think I make it move alright, but I really prefer the single or the quad.

Ok, well I will write you some more later and maybe when you respond to this let me know some times that would be good to skype and we can set a date. It would be great to see your face and hear your voice.

I LOVE YOU. I am thinking about you all the time and I'm going to bring you home a medal or two. Talk to you soon.


Hey Momma,
Check out for links to races, results, and the multimedia stuff where you can try to watch online. There is also a timetable for the heats tomorrow. The double is at 10:30 ish and the Quad is at 1:40ish. We are in the second heat of each event. We have both american doubles in our heat and its top two to advance to the semi, so hopefully Kalmoe and I will have a great race and go right to the semi. I think the Quad race is going to be great and we are going to go for it and try to win so we go straight to the final.

What are you going to the doctor for? How is Aunt Sheila?

On the world rowing site there is a live race viewer that is just the flag graphic that blips across the course. They won't have live video streaming until sunday when there are finals.

We are meeting at 8pm tonight to talk things over with Laurel.

I love you and hope you are doing well and that the house is free of bugs and you can be comfortable.

Say hello to Dad for me and that I love him very much.

Talk to you soon.


Thanks for the medical update. I don't understand a lick of it, but you sound hopeful and healthy. You are a fighter. You fought for yourself by quitting smoking nearly five years ago and you'll fight again now with this stupid ass cancer. And I'll be right there with you the entire time. I believe in you. You are the strongest most loving person I know and we will get through this together, whatever "getting through" means.

Kalmoe and I race the double this afternoon at 2pm and we have a decent semi draw. We have Germany and Australia in our race and its top three to go on to the A Final. I am ready. It always helps to get a couple of races under your belt before the really big ones and I feel like we have a lot of speed to gain. I'm ready.

The food at the hotel is strange to say the least, lots of smoked fishes and cured veggies such as beets, which I enjoy, but the combination of that, bread with butter, and typically some sort of hamburger helper surprise pasta dish with cream sauce, is really doing wonders for my bowels. Also there is no fan in the bathroom so I have to turn the water on to get any privacy. When Jen and I were here two years ago and I had to go number 2 I would yell at her to turn on something violent to block out the sound. Probably more than you care to know, but it made us laugh.

Anyway, I just love you. I miss you and can't wait to come home and give you a big hug. I hope that your body holds up really well through this next treatment cycle, but either way, I'm going to come home and take care of you.

How is the house now without all the carpet and bed bugs? I hope better.

I will call you tonight on skype provided I can get it to work with the shoddy internet at the hotel. We may have a boat meeting so if I'm late I promise I will get to you as soon as i can. I can also call your cell phone from skype or just give you a quick call from my phone.

Hope you got some good sleep and have a very nice morning.



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