Friday, July 9, 2010

Health Post 3 - Chemo One Debrief

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is the second day after my first chemo treatment. Tom is here and made breakfast for all of us: fried eggs, blueberry and banana pancakes, organic maple syrup, bacon, and english muffins. Along with OJ and a latte from Starbucks, it was quite a feast. I had a good appetite which carried over to lunch later on (half a Chipotle chicken salad) and then spent over half an hour in the pool with Tom (doing light leg exercises because it will be another week before I can totally immerse the incision from the port insertion).

Had some prune juice this morning for obvious reasons, but I think the latte really did the trick because I haven't had coffee for a few days. I think that is also the reason for the headache I've had occasionally.

Tom and John went out and bought John's Father's Day gift today for me - a new grill and it was pre-assembled, thankfully. So, we're not sure whether to grill out salmon or do an Outback prime rib carry out for dinner. I'm planing on taking a nausea pill before dinner. Took the second of the three Ementa ones this morning.

Also, drinking a TON of water using a big plastic mug with a straw that John had on one of his stays at St. John's. They were laughing at me in the chemo room yesterday when I pointed out I had a competitor's mug (my facility is part of Fairview Hospital, one of the Cleveland Clinic regional hospitals).

I've been drinking the Flor-Essence tea in the am and pm and encouraged John to do the same. Kim Vitello (my dear niece who was given a 50-50 chance of surviving acute leukemia over 10 years ago and was told she would not be able to have children and went on to survive like crazy, owns her own business with her husband, and managed to have three certifiably gifted [and beautiful] children with her awesome husband Rick) swears by it. She drank it every day for two years afterwards. My doc looked it over and said, seems fine to me. I recommended it to dear Thessaly Barnes who is fighting breast cancer - in her 30's with a beautiful little daughter Jane and an adorable new baby son, Beckham.

So other than feeling sad to know that Nathan is now on the first day of his deployment, I also feel glad that he, like me, is starting his journey and I will certainly be there to be part of the welcoming committee when he returns in January. Judy was about to take the boys for a walk last time we texted. Adam's best friend, Ethan -- a real little firecracker of personality -- was over so that, I'm sure, was helping the boys stay distracted. Judy said nights will be hardest but she is, they both are, so strong in their relationship and their faith.

So, I may have to change my opinion later tonight, but the doc seems to be right. I probably won't start feeling icky until 2-3 days have passed. So, I am trying to enjoy every minute of feeling good right now and hoping we can do a Father's Day brunch for John tomorrow.

It's a bit later and had a great dinner, compliments of Tom, from Outback. I did take an anti-nausea pill before dinner but am thanking God for a really good day with our Tommy here. We'll save initiating John's new grill until tomorrow night.

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