Thursday, October 15, 2009

Head of the Potomac and Head of the Charles (HOC)

Potomac Boat Club (PBC) in DC is Margot's home training base. The people there have been terrific to Margot and all her teammates. Every year they host a head race. This year's race was held a couple of weeks ago.

Margot won the Women's Open Single and also raced in the winning Women's Open Quad (find by Megan Kalmoe's name).

She is beginning to enjoy team boats again and looking forward to the Head of the Charles this weekend. She'll race in the single on Saturday and in a four on Sunday. I"ll post results as I find them.

I'll be sorry to miss the Charles this year. I love Boston and rarely have a chance to visit the city. I also love the tons of people who turn out for this race. Rowers from all over the world and their fans converge. The twisty river is spanned by a numerous bridges filled with spectators hanging over the sides waiting to see their favorite rowers and also, at least in the case of my nephew Will who went to MIT and is also a former rower who knows that river, hoping to see a few out of control boats impale themselves on the bridge pilings.

The best part is having a chance to visit my sister, Sheila, who lives in Worcester. Alas, she will be in Las Vegas with her husband George, so I'll sit this one out hoping that a few of the cousins (Sheila's boys: Will, Mike and Jamie) may be there to cheer her on.

So tomorrow (October 17) she'll compete in the Single in the afternoon at 5:14 and in the Four on Sunday at 3:44.

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Mary Martin said...

Hello Julia: I am Megan Kalmoe's Mom, and she told me about your site, so I decided I should visit! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! I hope our paths will cross again soon!