Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sometimes you just have to let them feel bad

Margot went to pairs camp in Seattle one year. She and Mary Reeves (a great rower she met there) were selected at the end of the camp to participate in NCAA's. They rowed very well but had a disappointing finish. When I came up to them after the race and tried to do the Mom stuff "It's OK, you tried your best, etc." Eleanor (who is now head coach I believe at UW but was the ass't at that time) said to me "Sometimes you just have to let them feel bad."

So she feels bad, very bad. We had dinner with her last night and she had a chance to get away, vent her disappointment, and get lots of hugs. She spoke frequently about how much the emails from all of you have meant to her (including her second cousins, etc. in Canada she has never met!). But she wasn't in China to be satisfied with making the Olympic team. She was there to win a medal. It will take a while for her to put things back in place.

I'll try to write more later. We're going to have breakfast and visit her one last time before we go. They will check out of their hotel today and move to Olympic Village so she is looking forward to seeing Beijing and hanging out with friends.
Thanks again to everyone for your support and love and prayers. She loves the blog, so at some point, this will serve as a reminder as one of the highlights of her life!


Heather Arndts Prenger said...

Medal or no medal, Margot Rocks!!

Kathy and David said...

Dearest Margot: Uncle David and I are so proud of you. Please know that we watched every race and cheered hysterically. We agree with Heather--you rock. Go have some fun!!!!!

Anonymous said...

FYI it was not Mary Whipple, she is the cox of the women's eight, but did go to Washington. It was actually Mary Reeves. She and I had a great time together once we were selected as the final pair. Anywho, details.