Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Night Fever

This picture is from Tuesday's second place finish in the Rep. You can find other photos on row2k.
We're about to go to bed after a long day in Beijing. I have lots to tell you about that but I'm exhausted and can't really concentrate on anything much.

I guess that being here, the sightseeing, etc. the whole China experience has been superficial for me. This place is just a backdrop for what Margot is going through. I have enjoyed so many things and people here, but haven't studied the history, paid attention as I would normally do in a country like this.

I regret that you are getting the "light" version of China. I intend to update the blog with more information when I get back to the US and more reliable service. So, if you care to continue to read, I will try to add thoughts about the place and people and more pictures.

For right now though, it's hard to think about anything other than my little girl, my baby, is facing a tremendous challenge tomorrow. It's a challenge she can handle, is ready for, and it is just one of the many challenges she will face in life. It is also the realization of a dream and the fulfillment of a goal. No matter what happens tomorrow, she will be stroking the sixth fastest Women's quad in the world. Not bad for four women who have been rowing this boat together for less that five months.
We saw her in her hotel last night for a little while and she was worried that she was getting sick = mother panic until she confirmed late this morning that she felt "awesome." I emailed Reilly and she said Mar told her she was fine, so that was a big relief.

It's a terrific thrill, almost an unbearable one, to be here and be able to share the culmination of all her work and sacrifice.
A lot of you had a part in this too - your love and support have meant so much to her and to all of us.
Sooooooooooo, all us USA folks are going to sit together in the stands tomorrow. These are the stands that have a roof, so if they are on TV, we will be on the right side of the stands next to the big screen display. The rowers will pass us and end the race to the left of us (all if you are facing the screen). You will probably view the race as we will, with the rowers moving from left to right to the finish line.

The race is at 4:30 AM EST Sunday night (in the US).

PS. If you scroll down you'll see the pictures from Thursday that I was having problems publishing.

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Art Daniels said...

Best of luck to Margot and girls. The alarm clock is set!!

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