Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Race Two and Internet DTs

Let's deal with the DTs first. Our Wireless at the hotel has been down since we returned from Margot's race on Saturday. Hopefully, it will be repaired by this afternoon so I can fill you in on details of what we've been doing.
For now though, just want to tell all of you that your emails and support mean so much to all of us. We have met a ton of great parents and family and friends and the atmosphere is so highly charged with hope, emotion, and amazement at this incredible place.
Margot gave me a good reprise of their race on Sat which I'll share later.
Mostly, we are anticipating this afternoon's race. Mar and I were texting earlier. I was walking down the street texting her (like an idiot) and the effect of my multitasking was that she read my longest message and wrote back "Mom, glad to see your Chinese is improving."
She said she feels good. We'll be able to meet her by the erg tent after their race. For this race, there will be six boats and the top four will move into the final on Sunday. It's a tough field but we are confident that her boat has it in them and will do what they need to do to win.
At the same time I could jump out of my skin totally.
We are that the Bank of America Hometown Hopefuls center in Beijing and just met Anna Cumming's (nee Mickelson) parent and in-laws. Anna stroked the quad that Margot was in that came in fifth at World's in Gufi. She is a lovely woman and is rowing in the 8 which also has a race this afternoon.
This center is really very nice. They are serving lunch now. It's cool, airconditioned, and John and I are using their computers to reconnect.
So cool.
Anyway, we took a cab here from our hotel and it took about 45 minutes. This place is in the same huge block as the Worker's Stadium which is between the 3rd and 4th ring roads. We went shopping at the US gear shop (which opens at 10 am) and then came over here because it doesn't open until 11 am.
You show your passport, they search you and your bags, you come in and its a bit of USA in China. Hearing English, nice because it is a real struggle at our hotel and must be frustrating for them as well (that we don't speak Chinese, except for hello, thank you, and the names of some of Nathan's favorite dishes). Wish we could have brought Judy along!
There are free gift bags and several floors of sofas and tables, free massages, laptops you can use, free blogging lessons, a bathroom with real TP, outdoor pavilions where you can sit.
The good news is that the weather is lovely -- the sun is out and we actually see some blue sky and cloudlike formations that aren't gray! The bad news is that it is now hotter than hell and the humidity is back with a vengeance. There is a slight breeze so let's hope it stays slight for the rowing.
So, we took the cab in (sorry I'm not thinking linearly right now) about 9 and it took about 45 minutes. We'll have a light lunch here with the goal of going back to our hotel, depositing all the stuff we got at the shop and here, and then taking a cab over to the venue.
I know that mom's always think their daughters are beautiful, but I have to say that when she walked over to me from the erg (after her race they were all cooling off in the erg tent), dripping with sweat, with that fire in her eyes, so slim and strong and purposeful, her beauty awed me.
OK, enough mom shmarm. We are going to grab a bite to eat now. I should be able to catch up later. Thanks again everyone. GO USA!

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Megan McKenna said...

Mrs. Shumway- I'm glad it sounds like things are going smoothly there. I just watched Margot's race on line, and you can be sure that I'll have my Milwaukee/Westlake cheer leaders tuned in on Sunday. GO MARGOT!! Megan