Sunday, August 10, 2008

First Race Coming Up

We leave for the first race in half an hour. Margot called via Skype about an hour ago, restless, and keyed up. The connection is bad from her hotel to ours but great when Nathan calls Judy in Texas.
Margot leaves for the course at 2:30 also. Her race is at 4:40 and about 5:10 she is hoping to be off the water, through NBC if they do any interviews, to briefly greet us in an area called "Kiss and Cry" or, as I initially remembered it "Weep and greet." So we will hopefully meet her there and be able to give her a quick hug before she is whisked away to isolation through Tuesday's race.
If her boat wins, the will only race on Sunday in the final. If they don't win, the will race on Tuesday to win a spot in the finals.
The competition is very tough. We have seen great teams from New Zealand, Great Britain, Australia, and of course China. Doubtless there are others we haven't seen in terms of the quad. But we've got a really strong boat, which has MARGOT in it!
So, more later and pictures of course. Still very grey days here and raining today, lightly up to now.


Taz said...

Hey Ma!
I got to Skype with Margot earlier. I just finished watching the race. It was amazingly clear online. Of course, the video decided to buffer during their sprint to take over the #3 spot. They need to grab the Germans by the hip in the next round and not let go.

China destroyed their round. So, we'll need to make sure the US gets great starts. Maybe you, Dad, and Nate can rent bikes and ride along the course to cheer every step of the way. :)

Love you,

Taz said...

I just checked the times. Even after a rough start, the US posted the 4th fastest time overall (6:19.89). So with a better start, they're right in there with China, German, and Great Britain!

Best of luck to them on Tuesday!

Kathleen said...

David and I saw Margot race. There she was, bright and beautiful ready to take on the world. Called Grandma, Chris was there, so they were able to see her. Everyone was very excited. Uncle David was on the floor, up to the TV, so excited. I thought he was going to cry. He's sooooo proud. We hope to be lucky and catch the next round--reparge (can never pronounce correctly). Take care and our best to everyone!!!!

Art said...


I have been following Margot on the web and tv. What a thrill for me to watch a former student/athlete at WHS performing in front of the world!!!

I am so proud of you Margot. Great job!! Good Luck the rest of the way.

Art Daniels