Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ta Da and To Do

Margot's Cousin Kris and her husband Jim sent along some photos of their dear little daughters, Chloe and Gracie -- sending out a TaDa Cheer for Margot.  

Kris, I bet there is a market out there for these T-shirts! What a great idea. Thank you for taking such time and effort to show Mar your support. Love you all!!!

Spent most of the afternoon at Target buying essential things like bug spray, wet ones, tp, sunscreen, nasal spray, the endless list... There are just a few things left, thankfully. And at least I have three nights to pack! Pearl is again helping us by calling the hotel and asking our final list of questions. Just got off Skype with Nathan, Adam, and Jack. John told the boys one of his old Griswold stories and they were thrilled.
Have not yet connected with Margot visually, so I'm hoping that we can figure that out when we have a time in common. I did find out tentative times of the events and will post--probably tomorrow. 

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