Saturday, August 2, 2008

Chinese Hospitality

Margot sent this today/yesterday. I thought you might enjoy her description of how thoughtful her hosts were. 

"Hey everyone,
For you guys it is now officially my birthday, but for me it started about 8 hours ago when I got up. Reilly had sneakily given Jen a card for me to open today so that was such a nice surprise from her and made me feel really good. People at breakfast were wishing me happy birthday and I've been getting emails and facebook messages throughout the day from friends and family. Thank you for all your emails and thoughts, they mean so much to me while I'm away. I even got flowers from the Hotel Manager today. I think that Ken probably asked our interpreter/translator to do it, otherwise this hotel is on top of things. They are beautiful and it was a very nice surprise and there was even a card that said happy birthday and good luck at the games. Very very sweet and I even took pictures with the manager and staff workers. It was pretty cool, though I was a bit shocked and started sweating a lot.

We did pieces this morning and they were hard but good so its been an eventful day so far and I have definately not felt alone on my birthday.

We've got about 8 days before our first race and I'm starting to get really excited. This is what I've worked for all year and I'm ready to just lay it out there and totally race my guts out. That's not going to stop me from having a beer after dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday, but all things in moderation until after the games are over.

Nothing really new to report just that I'M 29 FRICKING YEARS OLD NOW! haha. Anyway, thanks again for all the thoughts and emails. Tom I'll give you a call tonight after practice which will be early your time but officially my bday for you. Love to all of you and I hope you are doing well back home.


This is a movie I took of Mar and Rei at the National Selection Regatta in April. They took 3rd overall which gave them the chance to try for the quad. Rowing is not like swimming or jumping, etc. Rowing is about getting the boat into and out of the water, rigging and de-rigging it, all that before and after you have to go through the exertion of the rowing itself.
Please note that this was my first movie and I get a little overexcited at these events. Sorry I was on the wrong side of the boat! Also, please note the elbow of Margots top--both elbows are like that and she likes it that way. It's unlikely that that shirt made it to Beijing.

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