Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sixth Fastest in the World

I don't have much time to write. It's 7 AM here and we are preparing to leave... cab comes at 9 for Heathrow.

Nice article on US Rowing this morning.

If you consider winning a medal the only measure of success in an Olympic contest, I respect that and understand it. However, we have all been delighted that Margot and Sarah held their own during a very challenging race where the winner, as Margot put it "Was on a different planet." That British single was simply awesome! We all knew how stiff the competition would be.

I think Tuesday was the best race I've ever watched Margot race. So maybe that's part of why all of us feel elated even though she is not wearing a medal around her neck. Watching our women secure a spot in the A Final in a boat that wasn't qualified the year before, despite their own rowing career setbacks a year ago, gave us goosebumps. I think they earned respect and showed that they were the world class athletes that they are.

So, we leave London... sad to leave Margot, sad to leave the home of our wonderful hosts, Julia and Nic and Rosie; sad to leave Julia's brother and family, Nic and Isabella and Samuel and Michael... but happy to know that Margot ended her rowing career on a high note and will have until the 13th to spend some time enjoying this amazing city.

Did I say she ended her career? Quote from last night: "Hmmm, Mom? I did put my name in for the Head of the Charles." Fine with me, one of my favorite races : )

More about our post races celebrations, including pictures (probably already on Nate and Tom's Facebook pages) of our late lunch with Matt, our dear coach.

More from the USA in a day or two. Meanwhile, thank you all again for all your love and support. It meant a lot to share this with you.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
I saw you on our late night news last night. The piece they did was wonderful and you and your daughter look beautiful.

Congratulations to Margot on a race well rowed! She is truly a champion all the way.

Have a safe trip home!
Anna Mary