Monday, April 9, 2012

Joy and Sadness

This was a weekend of joy and sadness, but overall a weekend to celebrate in numerous ways.

Our middle son Tom is finishing his MBA this year at the OSU Fisher College of Business. He has demonstrated both academic achievements and leadership accomplishments (scroll down to see Tom... ). On Friday morning, he was presented with the Ohio State University Board of Trustees Student Recognition Award at the Longaberger House at OSU. Stephanie, John, and I attended the Board meeting as did Stephanie's older brother, Greg. It was a very proud moment for all of us and one of these days I should be able to post a picture of us with Tom, Dr. Gee and Mr. Wexner. 

Then we picked Luke up from daycare, or Baby School as I like to call it, and we had a little rest before setting out for Granville and Grandma Shumway's visiting hours. Sad as it is, being with family and friends to honor the life of someone you love is so comforting. And we were in familiar territory at McPeek's, now the McPeek-Hoekstra Funeral Home. Dear friends Rod (who passed away way too young several years ago) and Debbie (a classmate from Denison) ran the home for years and were an integral part of the farewell process for many friends and family members. Debbie spends most of her time traveling and visiting her children and grandchildren now.

I'm sure many of us were remembering being in the same location with many of the same people when Grandpa Shumway's visiting hours and memorial service were held there.

The photo shows Margot's favorite OSU roommate, Amy Turner Wieber, who came to pay her respects.

We were back the next morning for the graveside service and then the memorial at McPeek-Hoekstra. There were so many people there to pay their respects, the minister commented about how unusual it was to see that Mom was still so much a part of the lives of so many people at her age. She was the most generous and hospitable of people. All those years of reaching to others with kindness and love garnered her many fans and lasting friendships. 

Grandma would have been 92 on Friday, Good Friday. She was buried on Black/Holy Saturday, so it was very natural to think not just of sadness but also of rejoicing on Easter Sunday, for many reasons. 

Stephanie's mom Shirley treated us all to Easter Sunday brunch. Luke had quite a weekend and at this point was ready to shed his party clothes (he is not only the cutest baby in the universe, but also the best dressed) and get down with his toys. I hope anyone reading this post had a blessed Easter.

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