Thursday, April 12, 2012

Miracles Happen!

Margot just called. Coming in third today meant that essentially there was no opportunity to make the Olympic team. Considering that I've been lying in bed all afternoon with the "vapors," I can only imagine how Margot and Sarah and Matt were feeling. Actually, since I'd talked to Margot, I had a pretty good idea.

I finally decided to quit lying around composing some farewell to rowing, when I texted her and asked her what she was doing. Also, asked if she wanted to come home for a few days.

Apparently, the Lord was at work (although I generally don't like to bother Him with every little thing on my mind, I had been putting in a steady stream of prayers for the last three days), and Margot called to say that she and Sarah WILL GO TO TRY TO QUALIFY THE BOAT.

The first place double, Stesha and Kate, declined. So it went to the second place double, Megan and Ellen, who also declined. So, the offer goes to the third place double.

Still trying to process all this. More details after Mar meets with Matt.

Here's the article.

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