Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heat Results - Second Place

Mar and Sarah came in second in their heat. So they will race in the Rep tomorrow for a chance for the A final on Thursday. Good job ladies!

11:10 Womens 2x H1 Official

Place Entry                                                                                Lane  Time
1       USRowing Training Center (Ellen Tomek, Megan Kalmoe)    3       07:18.542
2       Potomac Boat Club (Margot Shumway, Sarah Trowbridge)   2       07:25.136
3       Potomac/Union (Katherine Stainken, Mae Joyce Gay)          4       07:32.758

Here are the results of the second heat.

11:20 Womens 2x H2 Official

Place Entry                                                                                Lane  Time
1      USRowing Training Center (Stesha Carle, Kate Bertko)        2        07:25.259
2      Vesper Boat Club (Catherine Reddick, Megan Walsh)            3        07:34.871
3      Potomac Boat Club (Morgan Wimberley, Hilary Cumbest)     4        07:44.605

The remaining heat results are located on the US Rowing page.

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