Friday, August 28, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words

"In the women’s single sculls, 2008 Olympian Margot Shumway (Westlake, Ohio) dominated her race to win by 3.77 seconds and finish in 13th place overall. The U.S. sculler took the lead early and widened the gap with Norway’s Tale Gjoertz in the final stretch to cross in an 8:26.17. Norway crossed second in an 8:29.94, followed by Spain’s Nuria Dominguez Asensio third in an 8:41.42. - US Rowing Coverage"

Margot won her final this morning - so came in 13th in the world. I would imagine that crossing that finish line first, not matter whether you are in the A, B, or C final; is a thrilling experience. I believe that it's the right resolution to this week for Margot. As you can read in her previous post, by today she had it figured out mentally. That's the foundation we all need to succeed.

Sometimes it's hard to wait.

But most of the time, we need to learn patience to build the skills and experience we need to be the best at whatever we choose.

I think the pictures tell it best.

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