Saturday, August 22, 2009

Live video stream

The post title is a link to universal sports where you can watch video footage of the races. The link in the previous post isn't a video link. There is no charge for the live video stream that I could find.

This is a link that shows the schedule in more detail.

There are 20 women competing in the Women's single sculls tomorrow (WX1). There will be four races. Mar doesn't yet know which of the four she will be in. I may be able to find something later today.
  • The top two in each of tomorrow's heats automatically advance to the AB Semi Final on Thursday. (8 to the semi, rest to the rep, I think)
  • Twelve in the Tuesday Rep. The top two in each of those races advance to the AB Semi. (Four move to the semis - the rest do not advance)
  • In the AB Semi, the top 3 in each race move to the A Final and the rest go to the B Final. (If I'm calculating correctly, 6 move to the A, and 8 move to the B)
That's all the math I'm capable of right now. Here's Mar's bio on World Rowing.

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