Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 6 - More to come

I have been delinquent in keeping up with posts. At this point, I don't want to jinx anything. 

The last post described Margot's second place finish in the single last Spring--a huge disappointment. She lost to a friend, Brett. Mostly these men and women compete with their friends. They admire each other and root for each other, and also want to beat each other. It's tough in many ways.

So, Mar and Brett ended up competing in the double but they didn't take first place. I drove to P'ton to watch them race and was disappointed for them, but glad to be there. Brett is a lovely woman and a great athlete. 

So, basically the single was open in terms of being a possibility for August competition.

And Margot, who was in peak form, injured her back.


So, this race now, is again a triumph of overcoming the physical obstacles. I try to think of how that relates to me - the end of the day thing when I tell people, it's past 4 PM and time for my afternoon coma? I can't really imagine how it must feel to put what you need to do on hold until you heal, and try to maintain your fitness while you heal.

Upshot is that I hate to jinx this by even writing about it. Margot won her race today and beat Brett and if she does this again tomorrow morning she will leave for Poland next week to compete in World's.

So, I am thinking of her and knowing that she will give this her all. And it's hard when wanting something good for someone you love means that someone else will be unhappy, disappointed, etc.

BUT, I want this to be Margot's time. Yes, all her rowing friends work their butts off and deserve to win. But this athlete is my Margot and I feel her heart and her will and her drive and all the sacrifices she has made most deeply. So, I hope to be able to update this next time with first place news for my daughter.

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