Sunday, April 12, 2009

Margot and Kathleen Win the Double Sculls

Margot and Kathleen Bertko WON the Women's Double Sculls (two women each using two oars) in their final event this weekend at the Speed Order. Great news and congratulations to both of them!

It was a nice way to start out Saturday, reading the news online. Saturday continued to be a fun day of driving down to Columbus for Stephanie's wedding shower. I met many of her family members and friends and heard how wonderful they all think Tom is! I agree and also made sure I told them we felt the same way about Stephanie.

Spent the night there (Tom and I played "let me show you cool stuff on the computer, play music on iTunes, watch SNL skits on Hulu, and explore my Kindle2) and I left this morning after a quick Easter breakfast. Happy Easter to anyone reading this.

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